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We have state of the art observation studios and eye tracking equipment for UX testing on desktops, tablets and smartphones

  • Viewing Facilities

    Web Usability has viewing facilities in Chippenham and London, and can set up ‘pop up’ usability studios in any location where we can get two adjacent rooms.

    We have two state-of-the-art, spacious, and comfortable viewing studios in Chippenham that can be configured in a variety of ways for usability testing (both desk based and living room labs), focus groups, depth interviews, training and meetings:

    • Formal or informal studios for up to 12 respondents (including our living room lab)
    • Multiple camera angles from 2 independently controllable cameras in each studio
    • Viewing rooms seating up to 15
    • Mini studio for depths, single interviews and usability testing
    • Training and meeting rooms for 3 to 20 people
    • Video and audio recording
    • Fast broadband and wireless internet
    • Realtime streaming of testing sessions to any location
    • Realtime viewing and playback on large (75in) screen displaying up to 4 input signals (e.g. cameras and computers)
    • Wireless connectivity to 75in screen of smartphone and laptop devices
    • Studios individually air-conditioned
    • Separate modern comfortable reception areas for clients and respondents

    Our observation facilities are available for hire. Details at our Viewing Facility site.

    Web Usability can offer real time remote viewing of testing sessions held at our Chippenham studios. Observers can log-in to a web based service to observe test sessions which are streamed as the research is conducted.

    Web Usability also has viewing studio facilities in London – we use two studios in Central London near Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. These facilities offer:

    • Viewing rooms seating up to 18
    • Video and audio recording
    • Broadband and wireless internet
    • Playback on large (50in) interactive plasma screens
    • Studios individually air-conditioned


    Web Usability can also set up ‘pop up’ usability studios in any location where we can get two adjacent rooms. With our ‘pop up’ studio the two rooms are linked by CCTV, monitor relays and sound so the observers can watch the testing in real time, see and hear the tester and observe what they are doing on the website being tested.

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  • Eye Tracking

    Web Usability has eye tracking equipment for lab based, living room set up and ‘in the field’ testing. This allows us to see what testers see on desktop, laptop and mobile devices, which provides significantly increased insights into users’ behaviours.

    We have three types of eye tracking equipment – a Tobii T60 which is ideal for PC based eye tracking studies, a Tobii X2-30 for testing with laptops, tablets and smartphones, and Tobii Pro Glasses 2 – wearable eye tracking technology for real world environments. The technology enables eye tracking to be used with ‘real time think aloud’ and ‘retrospective think aloud’ usability testing.

    When testing in the lab, it is possible for observers to follow the eye tracking in real time using ‘Liveviewer’ so that they can see and hear testers, watch what they are looking at, and see the eye tracking overlaid on the screen as it happens. Eye tracking in real time shows precisely what the user is looking at. There is far less doubt about which screen elements are being looked at or have been noticed. This can add significantly to the understanding of the usability issues on a website. This is particularly valuable when a testing session, or a video of it, is being viewed by a client as it makes explicit, without explanation, the usability issues affecting a site.

    The other major area where eye tracking is valuable is when trying to assess the effectiveness of a specific page or the design and location of elements on a page – for example when comparing two versions of a design e.g. promotions, navigation bars, etc. Significant additional insight can be gained by watching the users’ gaze paths in real time, and real value can be gained from small sample sizes e.g. 3-5 testers. The important thing is being able to see in real time exactly where testers are looking.

    When testing in the field or the living room lab, the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 show exactly what the tester is looking at, both on and off the device screen. This provides accurate eye tracking on the site or app under test, but also provides broader contextual information on how the device is being used with the app or site, and how the tester interacts with their environment at the same time.

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