Avril Swift

Recruitment manager who holds the office together

  • Avril has worked for many years in administrative and recruitment roles. She joined Web Usability in 2002 and is responsible for our respondent & tester recruitment & management.

    Avril finds people who fit the diverse respondent and tester profiles we need, making sure they understand what they’re getting involved in and that they turn up!

    As well as recruiting testers to test a wide range of consumer e-commerce web sites/apps and public sector information sites, Avril also achieves stunning success at recruiting testers who fit more esoteric and hard-to-get profiles such as engineers who specify and install peristaltic pumps and industrial process plant, hedge fund managers, specialist TV cameramen, and people with cash assets in excess of a million pounds!

    Avril also handles the general office administration and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

    Email: Avril@webusability.co.uk Tel: 01249 444757