Sarah Clark

UX Consultant - Keeps projects and technology on track, and runs research forums, surveys and remote testing

  • Sarah has many years experience in a wide range of administrative roles in the public and private sectors.

    Alongside these roles she has also provided technical support for staff both on-site & remotely for IT issues – a role which required her to be calm and reassure users, be positive in approach and ‘direct’ when necessary: all these are necessary skills when our facilitators are dealing with occasionally temperamental Tobii eyetrackers in the middle of a full-on research day!

    She joined Web Usability in 2013 to oversee project management to make sure projects run smoothly and on time, and to provide technical support for both the office systems and our specialist Tobii usability kit. And inevitably she’s learnt a lot about usability along the way.

    She has now taken on running research forums, surveys and remote testing. Sarah has a real skill for wording questions clearly and unambiguously, and brings her helpdesk skills to managing  participants calmly and professionally