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Case study series: Luxury hotel client

Alice Greenman

Posted by Alice Greenman on Apr 15, 2023 9:00 AM

User discovery research with potential jobseekers gave our luxury hotel client a clear picture of the journey new starters take and the information they need along the way.  

Who:  Luxury hotel, spa and golf resort in Scotland 
What: Understand the behaviour, journey and needs of potential job seekers 
HowUser discovery research with potential job seekers and new starters 
Result: A clear blueprint of the jobseeker user journey and their content needs  


This fabulous hotel, spa and golf resort set in the beautiful Perthshire countryside is steeped in history. Over the years, many famous faces have graced its halls while they regularly hosts major golf tournaments, attracting clientele from around the world. 

Hiring and retaining exceptional staff is crucial for our client. In light of the challenges being faced by the hospitality sector following the Coronavirus pandemic, the client wished to find out more from potential new recruits about their job seeking needs: how they look for jobs, what information they need to know and how they want to apply.  

This insight would then inform changes to existing jobs pages on the website.  

What we did 

We carried out user discovery research with 10 potential jobseekers and 2 new starters. 

User discovery research focuses on understanding the user context, expectations, behaviours, needs, motivations and pain-points: it provides insight to understand how users go about performing tasks and achieving goals that are important to them. 

For this project, this meant talking to both those currently looking for new jobs in the hospitality sector, and some new starters at the luxury hotel in Scotland, to gain an end-to-end view of the application process.  

The research was conducted remotely on desktop, and incorporated two main elements:  

  • First, time was spent exploring the sources our jobseekers used, the keywords and phrases they would search for and the information they wanted to know. 
  • Respondents then explored the clients existing jobs pages along with other hospitality recruitment sites to provide feedback on the content, design and navigation – what was working and what was less successful. 


It quickly became apparent that all job seekers, regardless of role or seniority level, followed a very similar job seeking journey. However, their information requirements along the way differed. 

These findings, evidenced by verbatim respondent quotes, were compiled into a report along with clear conclusions and practical recommendations, taking into account any organisational constraints, and presented back to the client team, helping to speed up the process of turning research into action.

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