Hamburgers don’t give off scent!

August 2, 2016

Like many commentators we think the increasing trend of using hamburgers at desktop screen resolutions is a triumph of bad design over good usability. Primarily because it hides the links. Hamburgers give off no scent for users’ goals, it makes them think – not a good idea – rather than just word match.

This example is particularly ironic. A hamburger with instructions! Instructions? So you know it won’t work but you are still using it! And it only has 5 items in it! Acres of space but apparently not enough room for 5 links! There might be some (limited) defence if most users were accessing the site on mobile devices but it is a B2B site with an audience who are mainly accessing the site from their desks.

Some designers really need to get out more….and watch a few users!

NB We are not the only people to think like this. Have  look at this Nielsen Norman article.