Mobile Usability

Tell them about the drill, not the hole

September 5, 2016

I recall being taught about features & benefits in the marketing part of my MBA. We were told nobody wants a drill – they want a hole. The drill is just a means to an end, so you have to talk about the benefits of the hole not the features of the drill. However, often this does […]


Martha Lane Fox and a vision of a united and robust digital economy

July 6, 2016

Martha Lane Fox wrote a thoughtful (as ever) piece in The Sunday Times last weekend in which she talks about spreading “digital skills to unite the nation”. In the wake of the Brexit vote she argues for an inclusion agenda in which the 12.6 million adults in the UK with no digital skills must have […]


Remote testing – for hard to reach testers

March 18, 2015

We always recruit our own testers. By doing it ourselves we get more appropriate testers and we can weed out the ones who try to make a career out of being a respondent. We think we are quite good at this, and most of the time it is not difficult, but sometimes it can be more challenging, […]


Who likes a hamburger?

December 23, 2014

Most web developers and digital professionals tend to be, for obvious reasons, quite tech-savvy people. This can present a problem when developing products for the ‘normal’ user (if such a thing exists), as things that are obvious to the expert are often far from obvious to the end user. A good example of this is […]


The demise of the left hand navigation…

November 12, 2014

Recently, we tested a new, information-provider web site for a well-known brand (the identity of which shall be kept anonymous for reasons that will soon become clear) and were fairly surprised to find the site navigation trailing down the left hand side of the page, rather than sitting horizontally at the top, where we have […]


Do users know what they want?

June 7, 2014

Having successfully launched our brand new responsive website we are now big advocates of this method of website design, unless fundamental issues stand in your way. Some of our clients are keen to advance down the alternative adaptive route, which recognises when a smartphone is being used and pushes an entirely separate, mobile specific site […]


Digital Convention: Your New Best Friend

May 13, 2014

Recently, we have spent a lot of time watching testers navigate their way around the smartphone apps of a well-known British newspaper. What is becoming increasingly apparent is the importance iconography has to play in a user’s experience of a site. With the growing dominance of smartphones and tablets, and the limited real estate these […]


Met Office extends relationship with Web Usability

March 13, 2014

During 2013 Web Usability has enjoyed working with the Met Office on a wide variety of website, mobile site and app projects, both in the lab and out and about with their business users. We are delighted that the Met Office has been happy with the services we offer and way we work, and has […]


Look who we’ve been doing multi-device testing for over the last year…

March 13, 2014

People use multiple devices to access the web – increasingly, they’ll refer to the same site at different times and in different contexts on different devices. So it’s important to ensure that they get a great user experience – whatever device they use, and regardless of whether it’s a responsive or adaptive design, or separate […]


Touchy feely – is the mouse redundant?

December 12, 2013

We have recently taken delivery of a Microsoft Surface tablet and a couple of touch screen monitors. For Peter, our director, it was like Christmas had come early. Delivery day saw him happily ripping opening packaging and focusing completely on his new toys. We could have asked him for 100% pay-rises and a week off […]