10 top tips for a successful app

September 27, 2013

We have spent the summer immersed in apps. Here are our top suggestions.

1. For your app to stand out from the crowd in the app store it must combine branding and strong visual design.

2. Manage expectations. Your app description must clarify what it does and doesn’t do. It should be short, bullet pointed and not full of jargon

3. Think about user goals and put yourself in their shoes. Provide usable and useful content.

4. Make sure it works! Users of the AA app simply got a blank screen after downloading it.

5. Reviews are important. Users listen to them and you should too.

6. Make it easy. If you want your app to drive users to your website, make sure the experience is seamless. The Hilton app logs users onto the Hilton.com site. Reservations made via the UK site cannot be accessed on this app.

7. Don’t just launch your app and forget about it. Check for bugs, read and respond to user feedback and provide updates to keep your app popular.

8. Make sure the app is intuitive. Don’t make users spend time learning how to use your app, when all they want to do is get to its content.

9. Icons and labels have to work even harder on an app than on a website. There is no room for any other clues.

10. Provide a ‘back’ button or way of returning to the previous screen.

Over the coming weeks we will blog about each of these in more detail.