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Podcast: Ep1. Is your website actually any good?

Posted by Lucy Collins on Jun 12, 2024 1:10 PM

The Web Usability team, Lucy Collins, Ken Groom and Sophie Knight, are gathered around the microphone to ask the question 'is your website actually any good?'.

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We explore what makes a great website and how to avoid entering the website hall of shame. In particular, we discuss the importance of usability, findability, and meeting user needs.

We share examples of websites that have done a good job and discuss the challenges of balancing user needs with organisational priorities and the importance of understanding who the users are.


  • A great website is usable, findable, and meets user needs.
  • Desirability, credibility, and value are also important factors.
  • Usability and findability can be improved through user research and testing.
  • Balancing user needs with organisational priorities is crucial.
  • Design should not compromise usability and user experience. A good website prioritises user needs and goals over organisational messaging
  • Testing with users is essential throughout the website development process
  • Understanding the organisational strategy and user goals is crucial
  • Developing a clear information architecture and filling in content gaps is important
  • Continuous testing and improvement are necessary for a good website

Sound Bites

“A great website has to be usable, useful, desirable, findable, accessible, credible, and valuable.”

“Users often blame themselves for website usability issues, but it’s not their fault.”

“Structuring and labeling content based on user expectations is crucial for findability.”

“If it’s not easy and convenient and accessible, they’ll go somewhere else and do it somewhere else.

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