UX for change

July 18, 2018

Organisational change is like steering a big ship – hard work and slow to turn.

However, change is not impossible. And the best agent of change is evidence.

A recent client from a large trade organisation used UX research to generate the evidence required for persona development. Our research flushed out users’ motivations and contexts, pain points and frustrations but, most importantly, key user goals. In the process, we also identified critical issues with the site strategy, usability and content governance.

Evidence in hand, we developed a simplified prototype version of the site, which, when put to the test, worked!

The digital team now have the ammunition they need, in the form of irrefutable evidence, to lobby top management and make change happen. That big ship is starting to turn.

So, how can you use UX research to help change your organisation?

  • Find out what your users need from your website. What are their goals. This will tell you what content is needed and what isn’t!
  • If you can’t speak directly to your users, at least speak to your customer facing staff. They will have a lot to say.
  • Involve senior stakeholders in the usability process. Get them to observe a testing session so they see the issues with their own eyes.

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