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Welcome to the Glove Factory

Posted by Kate Morris on Nov 29, 2022 12:14 PM

Welcome to the Glove Factory! The Hybrid Home of Web Usability

Time to show you more of what goes on behind the scenes here at Web Usability and what better way to start than showing you our wonderful workspace.

Since Web Usability was founded in 2001, we’ve had a few different offices. Recently, we spent some time as a fully remote business, however, it soon became clear that our team all missed having a bit of human contact.

We now have a lovely base for our Hybrid working set up, we are situated in the beautiful village of Holt, Wiltshire at the Glove Factory Studios. (It also has a rather delicious field kitchen café on site) We look forward to hosting more of our clients and testers here in the future!

Web Usability Blog - Welcome to the Glove Factory

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