User testing early makes site more effective and saves money

June 2, 2013

Web Usability  has recently been working with digital agency Front Page doing early stage prototype testing on some designs Front Page is developing for one of their travel industry clients. We tested flat images linked together with simple hotspots to create a browsing experience. A number of issues – both strategic and tactical – emerged which will inform the continuing development of the site. By testing at this early stage the client saved money because no coding had been done and avoided the problem of ‘invested effort’ where designers and clients had become so attached to the designs that there was resistance to change. And the changes will improve the user experience and increase conversion. So win-win all round!

“It’s been great working with Web Usability. My eyes have well and truly been opened up to how paramount user testing is at early stages of a website development project.” Alice Will, Digital Planner, Front Page

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