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A large scale remote survey, quantifying issues previously identified in one to one usability testing, provided the evidence to get everyone in the organisation on board for site redevelopment

  • Who: Freemans, fashion retailer
  • What: Quantitative usability survey to prioritise issues and inform strategic decisions
  • How: An online survey with over 100 target users
  • Result: An evidenced list of the most pressing usability issues and clear direction of where to start


Freemans, traditionally known for its mail order clothing catalogue, wished to conduct remote quantitative usability testing. Through previous one-to-one qualitative usability testing with Freemans, Web Usability had identified specific usability issues with areas of the site. Freemans wanted quantitative feedback from a larger sample size to gain further insights, as well as to provide evidence to support internal strategic and design decisions.

What we did

Web Usability used an online survey tool in order to get feedback on usability issues from a large sample of existing and potential customers. Web Usability recruited over 100 respondents representing Freeman’s target audience to take part in the remote online study.


The remote tool provided insightful feedback and helped to confirm the findings in the one-to-one research, particularly with issues surrounding the homepage design and the information architecture.

Remote usability testing of this type is valuable for benchmarking the site against itself on a regular basis, or to benchmark against competitors, when large sample sizes are needed to achieve organisational buy in to the results. However, it is best used in conjunction with one-to-one qualitative usability testing sessions where user behaviours can be observed – this is important because what testers actually do often contradicts what they say. Getting internal stakeholders to watch real customers using the site remains the most powerful way to effect change in organisations.

“The remote testing provided crucial additional information on areas of the site we wanted to develop. The customer feedback helped us to pin point and target which areas to prioritise first. Both the negative and positive feedback was shared cross brand and also with our designers to help us all going forward with re-designs of the existing site and new site launches”

Emily Mckinley – Online campaign manager, Freemans

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