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An ongoing partnership with Lintbells, supporting their research needs and providing user evidence to inform new developments to the YuMOVE website. Here is an example of one such project...

Prototype usability testing gave Lintbells insight on wireframe designs of a new ‘My Account’ area for the YuMOVE website to test if this new account area was effective and met user needs.

  • Who: Lintbells, owner of YuMOVE – a premium quality natural pet supplement
  • What: A hybrid approach of discovery research (to identify user’s information needs) and usability testing of prototypes (to assess the effectiveness of content and design)
  • How: Prototype usability testing of wireframe designs
  • Result: A clear steer on what users wanted from the account area and clarity on how to move forward with the designs


Lintbells is a purveyor of premium quality natural pet supplements. The company has seen rapid growth in recent years and is now one of the leading suppliers in the market.

Lintbells wanted to investigate whether the ‘My Account’ area of the website was effective and met users’ needs. They wished to focus the subscription options, how clearly these were understood and if they were what their customers wanted.

What we did

To answer these questions, we carried out prototype usability testing with 10 target users. Testers included a range of dog owners and existing and potential customers. All testers either had a subscription to a pet-related product or were open to the idea. By speaking to target users in 1-2-1, 1 hour research sessions on desktop and mobile, we were able to:

  • Identify what they wanted from an account management area, the tools and services they hoped to find and how they would like to engage with this
  • Assess the effectiveness of content in engaging users, both with and without a subscription by exploring the prototype and encouraging testers to think aloud when exploring the pages
  • Understand the intuitiveness and ease of use of functional elements and gain insight on the design and layout to see how well it resonated with current and new customers


Lintbells gained a better understanding of what their target customers (both current and prospective) wanted to get out of their account and subscription. This also gave them a steer on what users want from design, content and functional elements to move forward with the designs and push the new account area live!

“We have been using all the findings to inform our high-fidelity designs and some of it is even in development, it’s all very promising!” Tanya Ghannam, Lintbells

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