Prototype usability testing

October 5, 2018

We recently talked about the benefits of testing early – it saves you time, money and headaches. But how do you test early? The answer is prototypes. But what are they, why should you use them and how can you test them? Read on to find out more. What are prototypes? A prototype is defined […]


How your website is damaging your brand

August 7, 2018

How many times have you tried using a website that just makes you want to give up? You may have arrived with previously positive feelings towards the brand, but an experience like the one above can change that dramatically. Alternatively, you may land on a page with no preconceptions but before you have a chance […]


Electricity Shock

November 28, 2016

I have been had! I have just been stung for a 52% increase in my business electricity bill and I missed it! After getting over the annoyance at both the electricity company and myself, the lessons to be learnt are about how we all process information whether on paper or screen. I thought I was […]


When usability testing goes strategic

June 27, 2016

Recently we have been working with a start-up business developing a new website. They were working on tight timescales and budgets so it was essential that the research delivered added-value: it went well beyond ‘usability testing’ and significantly informed the strategic USP and brand proposition. The client, a provider of business finance, assumed that processing […]


What makes the perfect tester?

August 14, 2014

This week we were tasked with finding keen puzzlers; those who had a penchant for Polygon, a craving for Codeword and a fondness for Fukoshiki. It got me thinking about the range of profiles we have been asked to recruit for, the trials and tribulations of the recruitment process and how you can never be […]