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Free Usability Workshop


An effective website – one that is both usable and that meets the aims of the organisation – is a crucial tool for any organisation today.

Improving the user experience on your website increases user satisfaction and:

  • Increases conversion rates on e-commerce sites and sign-up rates for transactions on public sector sites
  • Increases the successful take up of information on information sites
  • Increases return visits and recommendations

The workshop is designed to help you and your team consider questions such as

  • Who are the target users, and what goals do they wish to achieve?
  • Can users quickly and easily achieve their goals?
  • Is the content useful and relevant?


The Usability Workshop sessions are held in our state of the art viewing studios in Chippenham (75mins from Paddington). We also have mobile usability equipment that can allow us to run demonstration sessions at locations around the country such as Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Birmingham and London.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved in building the website to making decisions to change should attend the session e.g.

  • Web managers
  • Members of web development team
  • Manager responsible for web based communications
  • Communications director

How we do it

We recruit a relevant tester. Your team will actively observe the tester exploring your site alongside one of our expert facilitators. Following the testing the facilitator will hold a debrief with the development team to draw out and agree key issues from the session. The total workshop lasts for about 90 mins.

NB. This workshop uses 1 tester; while this provides indicative information, a full usability test with multiple testers is required for reliable results


The Usability Workshops can be arranged at a time to suit you, subject to 2 – 3 weeks notice. Call Sarah Clark on 01249 444757 to arrange your Usability Workshop

Terms and conditions

These Usability Workshop sessions, which would normally cost £950, are free to organisations with larger websites, who attend our Chippenham studios with a number of their development team, including a senior manager responsible for the web site.