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About Us

Web Usability Viewing Facility is the leading usability and viewing facility in the South West of England. With the most sophisticated technology, access to a huge and varied pool of research participants and at very competitive prices it makes the perfect location for all your research needs.

Owned and managed by Web Usability – a user experience consultancy that specialises in website testing – our viewing facilities are without equal when it comes to usability testing. With four highly versatile rooms, we also offers superb facilities for focus group research, depth interviews or high tech training and meetings.

More on our facilities.

We also aim to offer the highest standard of service; we know from our own experience how important it is that:

  • Studios are set up to exactly meet your requirements – we know that the little things do matter
  • Your clients and respondents are greeted and managed properly, ensuring they feel comfortable, safe and relaxed throughout the research
  • Suitable refreshments of the highest standard are available when you want them
  • The technology works and somebody is on hand to sort things out if there is a problem

Our experienced staff are all trained to deliver the highest possible standards of service. More on our services.