Technology that delivers what you want

Studio Technology

Web Usability Viewing Facility is at the cutting edge of market research technology. Our self-confessed geek of a Director ensures we are never behind the tech times and you would be unlikely to find a similar standard of quality elsewhere in the UK.

Studio audio visual equipment

  • Realtime streaming of testing sessions to any location
  • Realtime viewing and playback on large (75in) screen displaying up to 4 input signals (e.g. cameras and computers)
  • Observer controlled zooming and panning HD cameras
  • Wireless AV control system
  • High quality sound recording
  • Fast broadband and wireless internet

Replay facilities

  • Wireless connectivity to 75in screen of guests mobile and laptop devices
  • View and download recordings from our client portal

In addition we can offer a range of test devices, eye-tracking, video conferencing and web streaming. For the tech fans, please see full details of our Technology Services.