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Web Usability can provide you with a state of the art mobile eye tracking solution so you can conduct your own research.

What Do You Get?

We provide all the equipment needed to undertake eye tracking research on desktop or mobile devices plus a fully trained technician to set up and support the equipment.

As well as recording the test session the equipment allows you to watch, in real time, the eyetrack overlaid on the screen being observed on separate monitors.

We have two eye trackers – Tobii T60 or X2-30 eyetracker with a mobile stand for eye tracking on tablets and smart phones.

We provide:

  • High performance laptop for recording and processing – A Dell Precison M3800 Intel laptop with Quadcore processor running Tobii Studio – 3.2
  • High quality sound – Two Audio Technica lapel microphones and a XENYX 802
  • Picture in picture – From build in webcam
  • Equipment set up and support – from our trained technician

What Are The Outputs?

The standard outputs are videos of the test sessions that show the screen being viewed overlaid with the eyetrack trace, a head shot of the tester and the audio.

We can also provide a range of analysis and visualisation tools e.g. heatmaps, gaze plots and AOI (Area of Interest) analysis with raw data to import into statistical analysis software (e.g. Excel, Matlab and SPSS).

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