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Equip your content editors and development team with the knowledge and skills to put accessibility at the heart of their work.

Why do it?

Once you have conducted an accessibility audit and ensured your site complies with WCAG 2.2 to AA standard you want to keep it that way.

Developers, designers and content editors all play a part in maintaining the accessibility of a site and without proper training may inadvertently make changes that compromise a website’s accessibility status.

By equipping internal teams with the knowledge and skills to build and write in an accessible way you will ensure ongoing compliance from the word go.

How we do it

All our training is bespoke to you and your organisation. It can range from a short presentation to a full day interactive workshop.

We would discuss and agree a programme of activities with the project manager at the start of any project, after we have discussed the levels of skill and knowledge currently within the organisation.

A sample training workshop might include:

  • The importance of having an accessible site (i.e. its impact is greater than just its effect on disabled users)
  • How people with disabilities use computers – the challenges that they face; the hardware and software they use
  • Legal requirements – the Equality Act and the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations
  • W3C accessibility guidelines – what they are and what they mean
  • How to write accessible content
  • Images, videos, tables, graphs etc – how to make these accessible

If disabled user testing has also been conducted on the site, we could include video examples of the issues faced and exercises for the participants to undertake to reinforce the learning.

All our training is designed to be interactive, informative and fun!

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