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Why do it?

Lab based testing is great for clients to observe testers using a website or app. However, the conventional lab set-up, with tester and facilitator sat at a desk and the devices held static, will inevitably have some impact on tester behaviours. Sometimes a more informal set-up, which better captures more natural behaviours, is needed.

This is why we have developed our living room lab, where testers can use their tablets and smartphones in a more relaxed environment and often as a second screen whilst watching the TV; it also provides a great space for testing Smart TVs and other electronics used in a home environment.

How we do it

We make the tester comfortable, sitting next to the facilitator in armchairs. A smartphone or tablet is available on the coffee table, so that testers use the device they would really use if at home. The facilitator uses a more informal facilitation style, encouraging a think aloud conversational approach and probing gently as required.

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