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Quick and dirty usability testing is a great way to get high-quality user insights fast and on a tight budget.

Why do it?

Quick and dirty usability testing gets your high-quality insights, fast; a great choice when timescales or budgets are tight, and full, lab-based usability testing may not be feasible.

This product can help you understand:

  • Why you website is not converting
  • Whether your new product page is user friendly
  • If your new lead generation process if working

And many more research questions!

Our ‘Quick and dirty’ testing combines many of the advantages of full lab-based usability testing with the speed and lower cost of unmoderated remote testing (like HotJar).

  • We get the right testers – we recruit testers that accurately meet your user profiles, including B2B and niche audiences
  • Sessions are moderated – this keeps testers focused on the task in hand and allows us to ask ‘why’ at the right moments
  • We can test prototypes – that testers cannot use without guidance
  • You can observe in real time – via a live video link, allowing you to shape the research between sessions


How we do it

All our projects begin by talking to you, the client. We want to understand your concerns and your objectives for this research. Following this we would:

  • Produce and agree a facilitation guide to shape the discussion during the testing sessions
  • Agree tester profiles for testing and begin recruitment (all done in-house by our fabulous team)
  • Conduct the testing – 4 testing sessions take place over 1 day, each lasting between 45 minutes to an hour
  • Testing can be streamed live via a remote link or will be available for viewing at a later date

Quick and dirty usability testing includes:

  • Insight from 4 of your target users
  • Moderation of testing sessions by one of our experienced UX Consultants
  • Video recordings of all testing sessions

Optional extras include additional testers, email or full reports and a phone call to discuss outcomes.

We can turn this round in 1 to 5 working days depending on the complexity of the tester profiles – normally in 1 to 2 days.

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