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Personas are a great tool for focusing the organisation on users and their goals.

Why do it?

Personas are archetypal users that act as ‘stand-ins’ for real users. They give members of an organisation a collective understanding of who their users are and what they want.

In terms of website design, personas help guide decisions about site aims, functionality and design. They allow teams to focus on the issues of greatest importance to users and avoid producing irrelevant content or functionality

However, to ensure that the personas reflect ‘real’ people, they need to be based on a detailed understanding of users, their goals and their priorities and this requires user research.

How we do it

Our approach will vary depending on the research objective, however, typically there are three elements:

  • Project preparation: We work with you to plan the research, so you get the right solution – not an ‘off the shelf’ one. We will agree upfront the key aims of the research, methodology, respondent profiles, locations and timescales.
  • Conducting the research: We will conduct interviews, either 1-2-1 depths or focus groups, with users or staff members to understand key motivations and goals and discover more about their contexts and pain points.
  • Persona development: Following the respondent interviews, we will develop designed versions of your personas based on the user research and details elements such as:
    • Representative picture
    • Description of target user type
    • ‘Personal’ details (e.g. gender, age, home location, marital status, children, home ownership, etc.)
    • Their motivations for using the site – in their own words
    • The goals they want to achieve on the site and the key user journeys
    • The words they would use to describe these goals
    • Their painpoints and barriers

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