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Provides insights into user goals when developing user journeys.

When and Why

Google Analytics tells us what users are looking for through the search terms they use and what content they look at on the site.

Our Approach

We approach web analytics in a way which ensures that we’re analysing the degree to which the needs of the organisation are in alignment with the needs of the visitors. We can then spot problem areas where the two diverge and suggest improvements. We concentrate on measuring what matters.

How We Do It

Web Usability uses analytics to understand why users are visiting a site, and then to understand their behaviour within the site.


Web Usability would compile a report covering top tasks, sources of visitors and activity on the site. The report would typically draw attention to relative success or failure of the site in meeting the needs of different groups of visitors, in order to draw lessons which can be used to make improvements to the under-performing areas.

In addition we would often set up Custom Reports, Custom Dashboards and Custom Segments within Google Analytics to make it easier for clients to continue to work with the data using the same approach. Where appropriate, and with permission, we commonly also configure extra ‘Goals’ and ‘Views’ within Google Analytics to give greater detail and insight for the future.

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