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A content audit helps you understand the content on your site, what is working well and where improvements should be made

Why do a content audit?

Website content needs to meet users’ goals to deliver a really good user experience.

This means you need to understand who your users are and what content they want.

Many content audits focus on SEO optimisation and understanding what drives users to a site. While this is important, it is also crucial to consider how well the content meets the needs of your users once they are on the site – otherwise all your hard work of getting them there could be in vain.

Analytics are a great starting point for uncovering how well your content works for your users. However, this data alone cannot provide the whole picture: they can reveal basic information about users and an indication of what content is being accessed, however this does not truly identify who your user is or what they want – this can only be achieved through a full content audit that combines analytics with user research.

How we do it?

Our extensive content audit is tailored to meet the needs of all organisations we work with and is designed as a flexible four step process depending on the requirements:

  1. Quantitative audit using industry leading tools as well as manual inspection to identify who is accessing the content, and what content they are accessing
  2. User discovery phase using depth interviews to identify the goals of the users identified in the quantitative audit
  3. Expert review of content to assess how well it is likely to meet the user goals, whether it is presented correctly and suitable for the audience
  4. Prioritisation of content with a top tasks survey of a large number of target users to identify priority user goals, so that the content on the site can be ranked by importance to the user

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