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An expert review can be quicker and more cost-effective, but can also form an integral part of an iterative testing programme.

Why do it?

An expert review can be a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to testing with real users. It is also useful when combined with user testing as part of an iterative development programme.

We would recommend considering an expert review if:

  • You have developed a prototype and want to review and identify any ‘obvious’ usability issues before incurring the cost of testing with ‘real’ testers
  • You want to evaluate very specific parts of your site before undertaking redevelopment
  • Time or budgets are so restricted that they don’t allow you to use ‘real’ user testing

How we do it

At the heart of our expert review is the recognition that a good user experience is the key goal for a successful website. A good user experience results when a user achieves their goals quickly and easily. An understanding of how ‘real’ users use a website is, therefore, crucial in understanding a site’s usability. Through our work testing websites with real people since 2002, we have built up considerable experience of looking at websites through users’ eyes.

In order to ensure the expert review is appropriately focused, we start the process by working with you to establish who your target users are and what is the aim of the site.

The expert reviewer then undertakes an audit from the perspective of a user (or users) and produce a full report or presentation, listing page by page all the issues noted and our prioritised recommended actions.

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